VSAT Solutions

  • Focused on new generation satellite networks ,KU, KA, L, Bands.
  • HTS, customised constellations and SATCOM solutions.
  • GW communication systems and modems.
  • Hubs, Modems, BUC, Routers, Earth Antennas, Terminals.
  • VSAT networks platforms: HTS, LEO, MEO.
  • Professional Applications & Turnkey.
  • Managed Services: Cloud and Private.
  • Customized solutions.
  • NMS Solutions.
  • Remote, rural and ex-urban Base Station-to-Network Backhauling – from to 2G, to 3G, 4G/LTE Networks, and transition to emerging 5G/MEC requirements.
  • Reliable satellite Backup of terrestrial networks.
  • Traffic overflow capacity to supplement terrestrial backhaul.
  • Disaster Recovery networks via rapidly deployable satellite backhaul solutions.
  • HTS, Consumer Broadband, Enterprise & Rural Connectivity USO.

We help our clients make significant and realize their most important goals.